Upcoming Workshops:

About our Workshops

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The SF Pathways Initiative offers workshops for citizenship application assistance.
During these workshops, the applicants will be led through separate stations before check-out to determine application eligibility:

  • Attorney Consultations
  • N-400 Form Filling
  • Final Review

Please note: these workshops are best suited for non-complex and basic cases. If you have a case involving disability waiver applications, extensive criminal history, or excessive trips outside the United States, please contact our partner organizations to schedule an appointment for individual consultation.

Time Commitment

  • The entire application process requires 1.5 to 2 hours. Due to high demand, individuals may need multiple hours to complete application process.
  • Please bring lunch and refreshments for the wait.

 The Process:


Necessary Documents:

  • Green Card (Do NOT bring a copy, Official Needed) and Passport (Expired and Current)
  • Two passport style photos
  • List of addresses, school, and work history over the past five years.
  • List of all trips taken over the last 5 years
  • Marriage and Children information (age, address, place of birth, SSN, immigration status)
  • If arrested, arrest records
  • Application filing fee: $680, if you do not have a Fee Waiver
  • Fee-Waiver (if eligible): Bring 2013 tax return and written proof of public benefits (SSI, Medi-Cal, food stamps)


For an inside look into our Free Citizenship Workshops, please watch our informational videos: