SF Naturalization Success Story

Jennifer Barrera 3

Name: Jennifer Barrera
City & Country of Origin: Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
My Naturalization Story:

I came to the United States in 2004 to reunite with my family. I applied for naturalization to have a voice in my community and to vote. Naturalization also gave me the opportunity to petition for my mother’s arrival in the United States. My naturalization ceremony was held during January 2014 and I am extremely grateful to the organizations for helping me navigate through my application. I was able to receive my naturalized status with the interpretation, legal, and application assistance provided by the Pathways to Citizenship Initiative workshop I attended on September 1st.

What I plan to do now that I have Naturalized:

Now that I have naturalized, I hope to help others attain this status and help them navigate through their own applications.

My advice to someone who is thinking of applying for Naturalization:

Because the applicant is interviewed during the naturalization process, I strongly encourage applicants to use all the citizen preparation tools offered by USCIS. If the applicants prepare ahead of time, they have no reason to fear the required interview. The application process can be costly, but the applicant may be eligible to receive a waiver for the application, and so should apply without concerning themselves with the price. Finally, and most importantly, I advise for anyone that can apply for naturalization to do so!